About the Financial Fairness Alliance

The Financial Fairness Alliance (FFA) works to shine a light on how activist financial regulators, and specifically the SEC, distort capital markets. A toxic combination of nonfinancial priorities, burdensome regulations and inconsistent enforcement actions – implemented by a largely unaccountable bureaucracy – end up rigging the game to favor the largest interests and lead to sometimes tragic unintended consequences.

FFA believes the markets must work for all Americans, and that means opening the agencies to Congress, the media and ultimately, the American people. Using tools that include Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests, litigation if necessary, and timely communications outreach, FFA makes Congress, investors and the public better informed about the impact the regulators have on our economic system. 

Meet the Director:

Justin Bis is a strategic consultant who advises companies, trade associations, and think tanks to achieve ambitious goals.  He has held senior government roles including at the White House and the U.S. Department of Energy, assisting with the recruitment of top-level governmental leaders responsible for regulating the U.S. financial and energy markets. His public service also required him to act as a liaison between the Department of Energy and stakeholders in state governments, tribal governments, and trade associations. Mr. Bis subsequently served as President of the Ohio Coal Association.  He graduated from Northern Michigan University where he earned a BA in political science. He resides in Arlington, VA.